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End-user Perspectives: Web3 & Web5

A practical workshop to explore web3 & web5 solutions as an end user.


'transform this' Community Workshops are highly engaging, cross-industry, and cross-functional global forums for innovators. These proprietary workshops align business, technology, ethics, and data perspectives for the complex real-world challenges we face today. We look forward to welcoming you for a safe-space, open and authentic conversation. NOTE: This workshop will not be recorded and is a FREE event Key Takeaways: The primary aim of web3 and web5 technologies is to decentralize the web. There are some key differences in the way these technologies are designed to accomplish this goal. Let's meet and explore: 1) What are web3 and web5 technologies from an end-user perspective? 2) What are the key uses cases for individuals and businesses web3 and web5 can support? 3) What are the barriers to enabling web3 and web5 solutions for end users? Who Will Benefit: Everyone is welcome to participate, share their unique perspective, and learn from others. No sales pitches please. Workshop Host: Gunjan Syal is Data-Driven Chief Strategy Officer at GoEmerald. She innovates businesses and ecosystems in a way that the results are visible, measurable and repeatable. She enables businesses as a fractional CSO, CPO, COO and a board member. She has led innovation initiatives for 38+ US & Canadian businesses in 10 industries. She advocates for responsible innovation at a global scale. She is also a plant hoarder (55+ indoor potted plants) and an astronomy geek (aka, stalks JWST every chance she gets).

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