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What I Want From Davos 2023

WEF Davos 2023 Global Risks Landscape
WEF Davos 2023 Global Risks Landscape

The world's most influential and powerful leaders meet this week in Davos for the 2023 meeting. This includes almost every industry on the planet - both public and private landscapes.

As mentioned during the WEF pre-meeting media briefing this past week, there are an "unprecedented number of crises" plaguing the world this year. This meeting is momentous and the leaders who have the privilege to attend have a huge responsibility to the global citizens (a.k.a. their customers).

I am no expert in global economics, yet this year seems to be a myriad of trade-offs with long-term consequences. These consequences may be intended or unintended. Here are a few trade-offs I spotted from the recorded media briefing and WEF's global risk landscape (chart above), published ahead of Davos 2023 meetings:

  • War, vs. collaboration

  • Food and essential services availability, vs. affordability

  • Economic downturn, vs. risky growth investments

  • Sustainability, vs. accelerated manufacturing

  • Responsible, vs. accelerated technology deployments

These are only a few of the issues described by WEF and decisions facing the collective global leadership. The approach the world leaders take now will have a long-term impact for generations to come.

What we do now matters... to us and to the future generations - those remaining on Earth and the Artemis generation heading to space.

I am not quite young enough to lump myself in with the Artemis generation, yet not quite old enough to retire either. I am part of the group whose actions will define our own future, our peers' and the future generations.

The issues and trade-offs listed above are not new. Many of these have been on a slow burn for a while. They have intensified over time and have become interconnected. These are what I call ecosystem-level problems. Broken supply chains are a tangible example of ecosystem-level problems.

Many of these link back to systemic issues which might be invisible, or at least difficult to measure. When these intensify, they impact business consumers and the result becomes visible in the form of revenue loss to businesses. When this happens at a regional or global scale, we call it an economic downturn.

A short-term focus on operations creates these issues. An ecosystem focus will help alleviate them long-term.

What I want from Davos 2023 is an ecosystem focus at the global leadership level. This includes looking beyond "the company" when seeking innovative solutions. This will produce a more productive and resilient human ecosystem, as we set up life beyond a single planet. I look forward to next week's meetings for insightful discussions and global knowledge.

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