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-GoEmerald to bridge Business, Technology and Data-

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Data-Driven Innovation

GoEmerald delivers repeatable innovation by combining customer perspectives with business, technology and data. We are a data and future obsessed innovation firm for start-ups, medium and large enterprises.


Innovation Services

We use data to orchestrate ideas into visible, measurable and repeatable results with the following offerings:


Goal: Plan and deliver innovation initiatives through data-driven strategy, governance, planning and leadership

C-level Roles

Goal: Fractional leadership to orchestrate innovation strategy into high ROI + responsible businesses

We deliver success by bridging key innovation perspectives:


About Gunjan


 Gunjan Syal MBA

  Founder & Data-driven CEO

I build, innovate and scale success using business model strategy, governance, data and technology. I am a trusted partner for the C-Suite. I enable organizations as a fractional Chief Data Officer, Chief Innovation Officer and a board member. My success stories span 9 industries. I advocate for data-driven responsible innovations at a global scale. Let's innovate together.